At 14.8 degrees, Mumbai records season’s lowest temperature

AT 14.8 degrees Celsius, Mumbai on Friday recorded the season’s lowest minimum temperature. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) Santacruz observatory recorded the minimum temperature to be three degrees below normal, while the Colaba observatory recorded a minimum temperature of 17.5 degrees Celsius, 0.2 degrees below normal.

As per the IMD’s forecast for 24 hours, the minimum temperature is likely to drop further to 14 degrees Celsius, while the maximum temperature is likely to increase to 30-31 degrees Celsius. “The northerly winds have pushed the mercury levels down. There will be no large change in the temperature for the next 24 hours, but a gradual rise in it is expected in the coming days,” said IMD.

Before Friday, the lowest minimum temperature of the season was 15 degrees Celsius on December 29 last year. The record for the lowest minimum temperature was on January 22, 1962, at 7.4 degrees Celsius. In 2020, the lowest minimum temperature recorded was 11.4 degrees Celsius, on January 7.