Bengal ‘Hero’ Cop Uses CCTV Clip, Chases Down Armed Dacoits in Filmy Style; 25 Kgs of Stolen Gold Recovered

Ashanul Haq – a provisional sub inspector of Bhadreshwar police station in Hooghly – joined the forces just 4 months ago. On Thursday the cop singlehandedly nabbed 4 armed dacoits in a dramatic scene that has made Ashanul Haq something of a popular figure in the area.

The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon when a gang of some six armed miscreants entered a gold shop in Dankuni area of Chandanagar Commissariat. Over 25 kilograms of gold was looted and all the police stations in the nearby vicinity were alerted. The CCTV footage of the heist which captured the dacoits and the bag that they took were circulated across police stations.

Ashanul Haq received the heist photos in a group chat and went to Sheoraphuli Station after he heard about the possibility of the dacoits’ location. Ashanul took a train and went to Arambagh, a town in Hooghly district. Just as he got there, he spotted the dacoits with the bag of gold and knew it was them.

This is where the filmy part of the story begins. The Cop began following them and boarded the bus they were travelling in. He then nabbed them from behind all while in the bus. He reportedly took help from people around him and took the all the accused to a club and recovered the 25 kgs of gold that they had stolen.

Within 3 hours of the loot, the dacoits were arrested and all the gold they stole were all recovered. Following this arrest, according to sources, cops across the city have been praising Ashanul Haq for his commendable job.

Speaking to News18, Police Commissioner Amit P Javalgi said, “Better coordination among police of Hooghly district leads to recovery of entire gold stolen from Senco Gold shop in Dankuni in just 4 hours. Prompt sharing of CCTV photos of Robbers and effective Naka Checking led to arrest of 4 people. PSI Ashanul Haque showed great courage and mindfulness in nabbing the culprits from the bus. Village police Rupchand of Singur PS, Civic volunteers Prosenjit and Subash of Goghat PS played pivotal role. The team of Hooghly Rural police and Bakura Police ensured safe operation and recovery.”

Two week ago, the coordination of the police force was in question following the Baguihati twin murder case in which case the bodies were not identified even one week after the murder. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself was reportedly unhappy with the probe. DG Manoj Malviya held several meetings with senior officers in the case.

On Thursday, Supratim Sarkar Commissioner Bidhanagar was removed and now new Commissioner Gaurav Sharma has been apointed. Sources in police department said that after the Baguati incident, cops are more alert and such good work by the police team will get more appreciation so that they can be motivated to perform better.

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