British-era tunnel discovered at Mumbai’s JJ Hospital

A 132-year-old tunnel built during the British era in India was discovered at the government-run J J hospital in Mumbai Wednesday. In the foundation stone of the 200-meter-long tunnel, the year 1890 is mentioned.

Dr Pallavi Saple, the dean of the hospital, said the building under which the tunnel has been discovered was once used as a medical ward to treat women and children. Now, it is being converted into a nursing college which is located in the premises of the J J hospital and Grant Medical College, Mumbai.

“We always knew that there was a tunnel below the nursing college but there was no official map to it,” said Dr Saple.

The tunnel discovered in Mumbai’s J J Hospital. (Express photo by Ganesh Shirsekar)

Later, when a medical officer found a hole on the surface of the nursing college, he got curious and discovered the tunnel when he went to the basement. The details of the colonial era tunnel will be submitted to the Collector’s office and archaeology department which will carry out further investigation.

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The foundation stone of Grant Medical College was laid on March 30, 1843 and it was opened in 1845 admitting the first batch of eight students. Later, Sir Jamshetjee Jejeebhoy came forward with a donation of rupees one lakh for the establishment of a hospital and the foundation stone of Sir J J Hospital was laid on Jan 3, 1843.