Covid: Another 1-day high with 26,550 new cases

NEW DELHI: A day after reporting over 25,000 new cases for the first time, India’s daily count of Covid-19 infections jumped to another record level on Thursday, when more than 26,500 cases were detected even as the day’s death toll stood at 477.
The country’s overall caseload rose to just under 8 lakh, with more than 7.94 lakh cases reported till Thursday, while 21,578 people had so far succumbed to the virus, as per data collated from state governments. In all 26,550 fresh cases were recorded.
The number of those who had recovered had increased to 4.95 lakh but the number of active cases too had risen to more than 2.77 lakh. Deaths have been on the rise even though the mortality rate has been falling. In the last seven days (July 3-9), an average of 485 deaths was reported every day, up from 417 in the previous seven days. In the week before that, the daily average was 395.
On Thursday, new cases jumped to their second-highest numbers in Maharashtra, where 6,875 infections were detected, Uttar Pradesh (1,248) and Bihar (704). At least six states witnessed their highest singleday rise in numbers — Karnataka (2,228 new cases), Andhra Pradesh (1,555), Bengal (1,088), Gujarat (861) and Odisha (577). Gujarat also became the third state in the country to record more than 2,000 deaths from the virus, after Maharashtra and Delhi.
Bengaluru, once lauded for its efficient Covid-19 management, on Thursday reported more fresh cases in 24 hours than Mumbai and Chennai. Bengaluru reported 1,373 fresh cases, while Mumbai had 1,268 and Chennai 1,216.


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