Dead bodies stored in ice cream trucks in Gaza as Israeli air strikes intensify

NEW DELHI: As the death toll continuously rises in the Gaza Strip, health officials began storing dead bodies of Palestinians killed in the war in ice-cream trucks because the cemeteries are reportedly short of space, reported Reuters
After the Hamas attack on Israel last weekend, October 7, Israel has unleashed a fierce bombing on the Gaza Strip leading to the death of several Palestinians.
The situation in Palestine has become so bad that there are shortages of cemeteries in the country forcing them to store the body in ice-cream trucks.
Talking about the shortage of resources, Dr. Yasser Ali of the Shuhada Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir Al-Balah said that the hospital morgue can only take 10 bodies, so they have brought in ice cream freezers from the ice cream factories to store them. Ironically, the outer shell of the truck shows photographs of children enjoying ice cream, and inside that truck, several sad, helpless dead bodies were kept.
The Israeli military said on Sunday it would still allow Gazans to evacuate south ahead of an expected ground assault in retaliation for the attacks eight days ago by Hamas gunmen, who killed 1,300 people in Israel.
Authorities in Gaza said Israeli air strikes had killed more than 2,300 people, a quarter of them children, with nearly 10,000 wounded so far. Hospitals are running short of supplies and struggling to cope with growing numbers of wounded, as per Reuters
Israel has vowed to remove Hamas from its roots after its fighters rampaged through Israeli towns shooting men, women, and children and seizing hostages. That means the Gaza death toll will rise sharply.
“Even with these freezers, the number (of the dead) exceeds the capacity of this main morgue of the hospital, and alternative ones, and between 20 and 30 bodies are being kept in tents too,” said Ali, as he opened the doors of the freezers to show the white-shrouded bodies inside.
Ali further added that the Gaza Strip is in crisis and if this war continues there will be no one to bury the dead.
The cemeteries are already full and we need new ones to bury the dead,” Ali said.
In Gaza City too, authorities were preparing mass graves, said the head of the Government Media Office, Salama Marouf.
“In light of the large number of martyrs inside the morgues of Al-Shifa Hospital, whose relatives did not arrive to bury them, signs of change began to appear on the bodies,” he said.
“And in light of the continued arrival of martyrs in their dozens as a result of the occupation’s massacres, a mass grave has been prepared to bury approximately 100 martyrs in the emergency cemetery.”

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