Do not worry about your future, Vistara CEO tells employees

NEW DELHI: “Do not worry about your future.” Vistara CEO Vinod Kannan has assured the over 4,700 employees of his airline soon after its merger with Air India was announced on Tuesday.
An aviation veteran who has played a significant part in establishing Vistara as a passenger-friendly airline, Kannan in a mail assured them “that we are on this journey together and will emerge stronger at the end of it.” Vistara will be merged into AI by March 2024, after getting the required regulatory approvals.
“So what does this mean for us as an organization? We remain committed to the growth, fleet and expansion plans that we had charted out – plans that see us going from the current 54 aircraft fleet to 70 by end 2023 . This will continue and we will progressively introduce new routes, new destinations and new frequencies as we had originally set out to do – as Vistara,” Kannan’s mail says.
Given the 16-month integration period, which may get extended if there are any regulatory hurdles on the way, the CEO has asked employees “to ensure that we maintain and exceed the high standards that we have set for ourselves.”
Addressing the elephant in the room — “what happens to me (Vistara employees)? What role will I play in the combined entity?” — his mail says: “We have all worked hard and tirelessly to build and establish Vistara as the airline of choice in India in a short span of time. This has borne significant results that we are all aware of – on the operational, financial and people front. This has not gone unnoticed – by management, the board and our shareholders. The fact also is that the combined entity will also greatly benefit from the experience, expertise and enterprise of each of the Vistara staff members. In fact, it is what the shareholders are counting on.”
Pointing out at the potential of a mega Maharaja, he says: “…. there will definitely be multiple opportunities – for growth, elevation and progress. Therefore, I urge you not to worry and speculate about your future…. I can assure you that we are on this journey together and will emerge stronger at the end of it.”

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