‘India-Pak match saw demand for lot of charters, unlike IPL’

The India-Pakistan T20 WC match saw several bookings of chartered flights (AFP)

NEW DELHI: The India-Pakistan T20 Super Sunday has made the lacklustre response to the recently concluded IPL 2021 in Dubai a distant memory. While IPL did not set cash registers ringing for charter operators here, they saw good demand for Sunday’s match with many celebrities going to Dubai for the mother of all cricketing contests.
“Unlike the IPL, the India-Pak World Cup match has generated tremendous interest and the response has been fantastic. High net worth individuals have made a beeline to Dubai and we have had 6-7 charters in the last week itself, carrying about 30-35 passengers. These visitors, mostly business magnates and celebrities, booked ‘VVIP boxes’ at the stadium. Maximum charters were from Delhi followed by Mumbai,” said Rajan Mehra, CEO of Club One Air and former Indian head of Qatar Airways.


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