Kerala double murder: 61 packets of body parts found, mastermind a sadist

KOCHI: Mohammed Shafi, the 52-year-old main accused in the brutal murder of two women in Kerala’s Elanthoor in an alleged occult ritual for prosperity, and his two associates were remanded in judicial custody for 14 days on Wednesday. Police said Shafi is a psychopath and sexual pervert who killed people for sadistic pleasure, and his history in crime is a decade long.
Kerala IGP CH Nagaraju said: “Shafi is named in 10 cases and the crimes include rape, theft and attempted murder over the past decade. Whenever he committed a crime, he developed relations and trapped others as partners. He exploited the vulnerabilities of Bhagaval Singh and (hiswife) Laila to win their confidence and committed the crime. He is a crafty criminal who planned and executed this crime with the help of others.”
Reacting to reports that they cooked and ate their victims’ flesh, police said the team was looking for evidence. The team is examining 61 packets of body parts, including 56 found in a single pit and five skeletal parts in another. Samples for DNA test have to be taken. “Shafi is a ClassVI dropout and left home at 17. He worked as a waiter, truck driver and a mechanic. He travelled across the state and stayed at many places before settling down in Ernakulam,” the IGP said.
A special team led by DCP S Sasidharan will probe the murder of Rosly, 49, and Padmam, 52, to “appease a goddess for financial prosperity” — allegedly committed by Shafi and his associates Bhagaval Singh, 68, and Laila, 59.
Nagaraju said Shafi befriended Singh and his wife through chats via a fake FB profile in 2019 promising financial affluence. He then introduced them to ‘godman Rasheed’ and asked them to please him.
Later, Shafi approached them as Rasheed. Over the past four years, Shafi’s influence over the couple grew to total obedience. The police remand report contained gory details. It said Shafi planned and killed the two women Rosly and Padmam after luring them with money to Singh’s house in Elanthoor.
The trio kept them hostage, and tortured and killed them separately. The report said Laila beheaded Rosly and Shafi stabbed Padmam’s chest and private parts. Padmam was brought to Singh’s house in Shafi’s car on September 26 around 4pm by offering Rs 15,000 for sex. When she asked for her money, the trio garrotted her with a rope and she passed out. Shafi killed her later and they cut her up into 56 pieces for burial.
Rosly was brought to Singh’s house in June to “act in a porn film”. She was offered Rs 10 lakh. The trio gagged her after tying her hands and legs to a cot. The report said she was tortured and Singh killed her. Shafi had collected around Rs 3 lakh in cash from Singh and Laila. It could be more. Shafi’s wife defended her husband.
“We have been married for 24 years and I’m not convinced he is capable of such a gruesome crime,” she said.
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