‘Lack of communication between Virat and Rohit hurting team’: TOI poll

The Rohit Sharma injury fiasco points towards a possible lack of communication between the team management and senior players.
Virat Kohli himself went on record saying that the team had no idea why Rohit Sharma didn’t fly with the team to Australia, saying – “we had no information whatsoever on the reason on why he (Rohit) is not traveling with us.”
Multiple questions therefore are being asked about what is going on behind the scenes and why members of the same team are not on the same page.
TimesofIndia.com ran a poll asking cricket fans to vote on similar questions. And the result shows that the majority of the people who took the poll feel there is an apparent lack of communication that is hurting team morale.
This comes in the backdrop of Team India being handed a 66 run loss in the first ODI in Sydney. At a time when the team needs to be united to try and bounce back hard against the Aussies in their backyard.
The first question asked in the poll was – Does the Rohit Sharma injury fiasco show a clear lack of communication between the team and management, including between Rohit and Virat?
This question saw 15245 responses saying ‘yes’ and 1113 responses for the ‘no’ option. Clearly, most people feel there is a clear lack of communication, including between Virat and Rohit.
The second question asked was – Did Virat’s comment that the team had no information on why Rohit wasn’t traveling with them surprise you?
Once again an overwhelming majority polled ‘yes’ here. There were 13477 responses for ‘yes’ and only 2883 for ‘no’. Clearly Indian cricket fans were taken aback by this statement made by the Indian captain.
The third question asked was – Should Rohit have flown with the Indian team to Australia and continued his rehabilitation there?
Someone like Wriddhiman Saha is also carrying an injury. But he and the team management decided that he should travel with the team to Australia and continue his rehabilitation there. Rohit had to go back to Mumbai after the IPL for personal reasons and then he headed to the NCA. A press release sent by the BCCI earlier said – ‘Mr Rohit Sharma had to come back to Mumbai after the IPL to attend to his ailing father. His father is now recuperating well and that has allowed him to travel to the NCA and start his rehabilitation.’
Now, there is a question mark over his availability for the Test series, with a formal assessment scheduled at the NCA on December 11.
Most fans who took the poll felt that he should have travelled with the team to Australia. There were 12125 responses for ‘yes’ and 4235 responses for the ‘no’ option.
The next question asked was – Does this negatively impact the team’s unity and morale?
Not surprisingly the majority of people who took the poll felt that the state of things does negatively impact the team’s unity and morale. There were 14574 responses here for ‘yes’ and 1789 responses for the ‘no’ option.
The last question asked was – Do you think IPL interests are being put ahead of Indian team interests?
Remember Rohit missed a number of IPL matches with his hamstring injury. He then played in the playoffs and the final, raising further eyebrows. In fact, Virat in his pre-match conference ahead of the first ODI vs Australia said – “The pros and cons and the implications of the injury has been explained to him and he understood that. And he was unavailable for selection. That was the information we got on mail before the selection meeting. After that he played in the IPL, so we all thought he would be on that flight to Australia, which he wasn’t.”
Clearly, everyone was not on the same page here.
Most people who took the TOI poll felt that IPL interests are being put ahead of Indian team interests.
There were 12698 responses for the ‘yes’ option here and 3669 responses for the ‘no’ option.
Overall, going by the way this entire saga has unfolded, there are many unanswered questions. Indian cricket fans will be hoping professionalism trumps everything and the team manages, despite missing key players and being surrounded by a controversy, which could have very easily have been avoided if the major stakeholders were more proactive, to find a way to do what they do best – play their own brand of fearless cricket and pull off an encore of their 2018-19 series triumph, when they beat Australia in both the ODI and Test series to register historic firsts. It’s a team full of very talented players and a united team effort is what is needed going forward.

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