Lost Lok Sabha seat as PM Modi was afraid of my next speech: Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: Striking a combative note a day after his disqualification, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said his Lok Sabha membership was scrapped because PM Narendra Modi was scared of his next speech in Parliament, and at the root of his expulsion were questions he asked about Modi’s relationship with industrialist Adani and whose Rs 20,000 crore is invested in shell companies linked to the industrialist.
Rahul cited the developments leading to his disqualification as “evidence that shows up every day” that “democracy has finished in India”. He said, “I am here defending the democratic voice of the people of India, I will continue to do that. Its my tapasya. I am not scared of these threats, of these disqualifications, allegations, prison sentences… Modi is used to everybody else getting scared of him.” Rahul added “disqualify me for life, put me inside jail, or reinstate me, I will keep going. I will not stop”.
Flanked by Congress CM Ashok Gehlot (Rajasthan) and Bhupesh Baghel (Chhatisgarh) and other party leaders, Rahul said he had sought time from the Speaker, beseeching him with two letters and a personal meeting, to be allowed to speak in the House. “The Speaker said I cannot do this… He smiled and said come and have a cup of tea with me,” Rahul claimed. He rubbished as “ridiculous” the charge that he had in London asked foreign powers to intervene in India.
With reference to his disqualification, Rahul said the PM in his “panic” has handed him “the best gift” and the Opposition “the biggest weapon”, as the Opposition will in future not rest till they uncover the truth behind “Adani’s corruption”, while the people too have begun to wonder why are the PM and BJP defending Adani. Thanking Opposition parties for their support, Rahul said, “We will work together.”
The Gandhi scion rubbished BJP’s campaign that he had insulted OBCs, saying all the charges, including about his London speeches, are an attempt to distract from the moot question about Adani-Modi relationship and the ownership of Rs 20,000 crore in alleged Adani shell companies.
To a query that BJP has argued Rahul could have apologised in court to avoid conviction, he said, “My name is not Savarkar, my name is Gandhi, Gandhi does not offer apology to anyone.”
Replying to a question about Congress CMs also doing business with Adani, Rahul said let the government probe the issue and if the said Rs 20,000 crore is found to belong to Congress CMs, “then put them in jail”.

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