Managing Bumrah’s workload so that he can bowl full throttle: Bharat Arun

Jasprit Bumrah and Bharat Arun

CHENNAI: Jasprit Bumrah has been one of the most lethal pacers in recent times. The Indian fast bowler’s pace, variation and ability to bowl yorkers have troubled the batsmen and he has gone on to pick up wickets in all conditions.
What has also contributed to his success is his unconventional bowling style. The slinging bowling action has garnered a lot of attention ever since he burst on to the international cricket scene as batsmen find it difficult to decipher his deliveries. India bowling coach Bharat Arun too feels that it makes Bumrah a potent bowler.
However, a lot of experts do feel that Bumrah’s unconventional action could lead to a lot of injuries. Arun said that they try to manage the Gujarat pacer’s workload so that he can bowl at an optimum level.
“We knew that Bumrah has an unconventional action. So there will be a lot of strain and effort which he would be putting on his body. So, we have been preparing in such a way so that his body can take the rigours of an unconventional action. Changing his bowling style might not have guaranteed the bowler’s performance at his optimum level. So rather than trying to change him (Bumrah’s bowling style), we might as well make him stronger physically in all the different parameters of fitness so that he is able to take the rigours of conventional action,” Arun said on episode three of Inside Out, a show hosted by India women’s team coach WV Raman.
According to Arun, if a bowler is effective with an unconventional action then there is no need to change his bowling style. “If bowlers having unconventional action are being effective, then I wouldn’t recommend changing their action,” he asserted.

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