Mumbai: Man arrested for providing bitcoins to drug peddlers

THE NCB on Wednesday arrested a person for providing bitcoins to drug peddlers, who wanted to order narcotics using the dark web from foreign countries.

The accused, identified as Makarand Adivirkar, would take payment in cash, keep his commission and place orders using his bitcoin wallet. NCB claims that he was involved in at least two cases of financing drug parcels to the country

An official said that NCB Mumbai had seized 20 LSD blots from Marve Road, Malad (West), Mumbai on November 20 last year. The seized psychotropic substance was purchased from Europe using bitcoin by a drug peddler from Mumbai

Based on inputs, the NCB Mumbai arrested Adivirkar, known as “crypto king” in Mumbai for providing bitcoin for the purchase of the LSD. The drug was bought from the darknet web using bitcoin.

He was found to be providing bitcoins to drug purchases in various parts of the city, an NCB official said.

The official said that sellers of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in some countries are using bitcoin for illicit trafficking of drugs worldwide especially LSD, ecstasy, heroin, hydroponic weeds, buds among other drugs.