National Safety Day 2021: Road safety rules for children

There’s no better way to ensure road safety than being careful and following road safety rules responsibly, to the tee.Children ought to be made aware of these regulations, early on, to be safe and avert any untoward accidents.Here are some safety regulations that children must be taught to adhere to when on the road:

Familiarise them with traffic signal: First and foremost guideline to follow under road safety is the traffic signal. What does each (red, green, yellow) colour in the signal indicate; when to cross, when not to cross- kids ought to be taught these at the very onset of hitting the road.Also, kids must be made aware of other basic traffic signs such as- stop, pedestrian crossing, school zone.

Cross at Zebra crossing: Talking about crossing, it is imperative that kids are taught to always cross roads at the Zebra crossing only. Tell them to look both ways before crossing, in order to check that there are no vehicles nearing them right at that point in time. Advise them to always maintain a safe distance from vehicles, gauge a speeding vehicle’s distance from afar.

No sticking out hand, neck from a moving vehicle: Kids must be made clearly aware of the dangers of sticking out neck, hand, elbow while traveling in a moving vehicle.


Wear seatbelts: At all costs, kids must learn to remain buckled up.Seat belts are meant to protect us from injuries. It is a matter of safety concern that must be amply understood by kids so that they always remember to put their seat belt strap on.

Wear helmets: Kids must always wear headgear or helmets while riding bicycles. Along with ensuring head protection, teach them to never drive in the blind spot areas. That is, children must not attempt to cross the road in between moving vehicles or any other large object that obstructs the visibility of the presence of another vehicle. They must always look for clear areas before crossing.

Use footpaths: Another important rule of road safety is to use footpaths or pavements or sidewalks. Teach children to walk on footpaths, get off on the safer side of the car, not play on busy streets.

Safety is of number one priority. Hence, teach kids that there is no alternative to following road safety rules.

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