Non-cognisable offence against MP Navneet Rana for defaming man alleging ‘love jihad’

A non-cognisable offence was registered by the Amravati city police against Lok Sabha member Navneet Rana on Saturday night for allegedly defaming and threatening a man saying he was involved in kidnapping and confining a woman from another community and terming the whole incident as “love jihad”. 

However, the woman, who had gone missing last Tuesday was found a day later from Satara and told the media that Rana had spread false information about her and denied being kidnapped or eloping with the man. 

The man who was detained based on suspicion was allowed to leave after she was found. His father then approached the police with a complaint against MP Rana alleging she defamed her son by spreading false information and he was threatened by her. 

“Based on the complaint we have registered an NC against Rana under section 500 (defamation) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC,” said a police officer from the Rajapeth police station. 

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After the woman had gone missing, local BJP leaders,  and Independent MP Rana termed the incident as “love jihad”.

However, the missing woman said:”Whatever Navneet Rana has spoken about me is false. I did not elope with anyone. I request people to stop defaming me. I had left home alone.” 

After the woman contradicted her, when approached for a comment, Rana did not respond to phone calls or text messages.


The suspect, who is in his 20s, was detained by the police. Rana’s comments were echoed by local BJP workers led by party spokesperson Shivrai Kulkarni, who also claimed this was the fifth such case in the region. The Independent MP created a fracas at the police station Wednesday saying senior inspector Manish Thakare had recorded her phone call when she had called him to ask for an update on the investigation and to act sternly against the man detained by them.

Rana, on camera, was seen ranting and shouting at Deputy Commissioner of Police Vikram Sali, asking who gave police the right to record phone calls of elected representatives and saying she would not leave the police station till the police commissioner comes. 

She was also heard saying, “If you catch his family members, if you bring their parents to the police station or catch his brother who is moving around freely, within one hour you will be able to trace the woman. There are so many such cases in Amravati. Amravati is getting a bad name because of this. I am an MP and I am answerable for this.”


She further said, “Who gave you the right to record my call. Why can’t I call to ask about women safety? Is it because I am a Dalit that my calls are recorded? Do you think I am mad? Who gave orders to the PSI to record my call? You are crossing your limit. I always treat the police with respect. Call the police commissioner here or I will not get up from here. Who gave you the order? Give me an answer. Hindu women are being targeted and you record my calls. You do not teach me.”

The MP was seen banging a remote on the table at the police station. She was finally escorted out of the police station.

The fracas created hurdles in police investigations and led to a two-hour delay, alleged a police officer from the police station.

On safely rescuing the woman, a police officer from Rajapeth police station said, “We sent a message on wireless and roamed around with her brother to find her. We asked him if we could circulate her photos in our circle to find her but he refused. We then spoke with two of her female friends who gave us a lead. We detained a man known to her and then got another lead which we worked on with help from our cyber police. She was traced in Satara around 11 pm Wednesday.”