‘One face before us, another in media’: Shashi Tharoor camp gets a Cong tongue-lashing

NEW DELHI: Congress chief election authority Madhusudan Mistry on Thursday gave a strong tongue lashing to the chief election agent of Shashi Tharoor over allegations of irregularities in the conduct of the just concluded party presidential polls.
“I am sorry to say that you had one face before me which communicated that you’re satisfied with all our answers and different face in the media where you made all these allegations against us,” Mistry said in his reply to Tharoor’s election agent.
“We accommodated your request and despite that you went to media alleging central election authority was conspiring against you,” Mistry wrote in the letter.
Shashi Tharoor lost the race to the top Congress post but managed to make his presence felt as he polled nearly 1100 votes, the most by a losing candidate in Congress presidential elections.
Kharge managed a comprehensive victory polling 7897 Pradesh Congress Committee delegate votes out of 9385.
The campaign team of Tharoor had flagged “extremely serious irregularities” in the conduct of the election in Uttar Pradesh.
Besides demanding that all votes from Uttar Pradesh be deemed invalid, Tharoor’s campaign team had also raised “serious issues” in the conduct of the election in Punjab and Telangana.
In his letter to Madhusudan Mistry, Tharoor’s chief election agent Salman Soz has said the facts are “damning” and the election process in Uttar Pradesh is “devoid of credibility and integrity”, they said.
He said that after a detailed discussion with polling agents, Tharoor’s team is constrained to report “disturbing facts”.
Soon after the results were announced, Tharoor had congratulated Kharge and had said the “democratic contest” has galvanised vibrancy at all levels and has prompted a healthy and constructive discussion on change, which will serve the party in good stead in the future.
Tharoor had also claimed that the Congress’ revival had begun.
In his statement, Tharoor said the Nehru-Gandhi family has held, and will always hold, a special place in the hearts of Congress party members.
“It is my hope and belief that the family will remain the foundational pillar of the Congress, our moral conscience and ultimate guiding spirit. In particular, the spectacular success of the ongoing Bharat Jodo Yatra is a testament to the family’s enduring appeal to the masses,” the MP from Kerala said in his statement.

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