PM Modi’s address to the nation: Top quotes

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the lockdown may have ended but the virus still exists as he urged the citizens to continue taking all precautionary measures in the battle against Covid-19.
Addressing the nation for the seventh time about the Covid pandemic, the Prime Minister said that the government is taking efforts to ensure that a vaccine reaches everyone.
As it happened: PM Modi’s address to nation
Here are the top quotes from PM Modi’s address:
* In this festive season, markets are bright again but we need to remember that the lockdown might have ended but Covid-19 still persists.
* Most of us are stepping out of our homes every day to fulfill our responsibilities, to speed up life again. This season of festivals is also slowly returning to the markets.
* With efforts of every Indian over the last 7-8 months, India is in a stable situation but we must not let it deteriorate.
* It is festival time and a period of happiness; even small negligence can bring us grief.
* Today, the recovery rate in the country is good. The fatality rate is low. 5,500 people out of every 10 lakh population in India are infected, whereas in countries like the US & Brazil this figure is around 25,000.
* Recently, we saw many photos & videos which clearly proved that people have lowered their guard. This isn’t right. If you step out without mask, you put your families at risk. We must remember – whether it is America or Europe, cases declined and then there was a sudden spike.
* Our fight against Covid-19 should not weaken till we get the vaccine.
* India has a facility of more than 90 lakh beds for Covid-19 patients. There are 12,000 quarantine centres, around 2000 Corona testing labs. Number of tests will cross 10 crores soon. In our fight against COVID, rise in the number of tests has been our strength.
* All countries are working on a war-footing for making Covid-19 vaccine.
* The government is making all efforts to ensure that the coronavirus vaccine, whenever it is launched, reaches every Indian.

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