SRH vs KKR Live: Warner, Samad keep Hyderabad’s hopes alive

18.6 overs: OUT! Shivam Mavi dismisses Abdul Samad (23). SRH 146/6, need 18 off 6 balls
Good one for Hyderabad as David Warner () and Abdul Samad () hit a four
18 overs: SRH 134/5, need 30 off 12 balls
Brilliant finish to a brilliant spell from Lockie Ferguson, just 7 runs off it without a boundary. Ferguson’s figures: 4-0-15-3
17 overs: SRH 127/5, need 37 off 18 balls
Decent finish to his spell from Varun Chakravarthy – just one boundary and 10 runs off it at this stage. His final figures: 4-0-32-1
16 overs: SRH 117/5, need 47 off 24 balls
A wicket and 8 runs off Pat Cummins’ final over of his spell. The pacer returned figures of 1 for 28 in 4 overs.
15.5 overs: SIX! Abdul Samad (8*) smacks Pat Cummins over square leg for a maximum. SRH 117/5
15.2 overs: OUT! Pat Cummins dismisses Vijay Shankar (7). SRH 109/5
Shankar top-edged one and Shubman Gill took a simple catch at backward point. All eyes on David Warner (19*) now.
15 overs: SRH 109/4, need 55 off 30 balls
9 runs off Kauldeep Yadav’s over. The game is in balance.
* Bad news for KKR – Andre Russell has left the field clutching onto his hamstring.
14 overs: SRH 100/4, need 64 off 36 balls
11 runs off Pat Cummins’ over as David Warner (15*) hit a four in it.
* David Warner became the first overseas player, and fourth overall, to reach 5000 runs in IPL. He is quickest to reach the landmark, in just 135 innings.

13 overs: SRH 89/4
Kuldeep Yadav is keeping one end tight as he gave away just 4 runs in it. The asking rate for Hyderabad is now almost 11 per over. But they still have David Warner in the middle.
12 overs: SRH 85/4, need 79 off 48 balls
Three successful overs on the trot for Lockie Ferguson. This time a wicket and five runs from it. His figures so far: 3-0-8-3
11.3 overs: OUT! Lockie Ferguson cleans up Manish Pandey for 6. SRH 82/4
Third wicket for Ferguson. This time a perfect yorker worked for the pacer as it breached the defence of Pandey and castled the off-stump. What a game the pacer is having today.
11 overs: SRH 80/3
Tidy start for Kuldeep Yadav too – six runs off it.
* Bowling change: Kuldeep Yadav comes into the attack
10 overs: SRH 74/3, need 90 off 60 balls
Brilliant over from Varun Chakravarthy – a big wicket and just 4 runs off it.
9.2 overs: OUT! Varun Chakravarthy gets rid of Jonny Bairstow (36). SRH 70/3
Big Wicket. Bairstow hit it straight to Andre Russell at long-off. The Hyderabad opener departed after scoring 36 off 28 balls which included 7 fours in it.
9 overs: SRH 70/2
Another successfully over for Lockie Ferguson – a wicket and two singles off it.
8.4 overs: OUT! Lockie Ferguson cleans up Priyam Garg for 4. SRH 70/2
Second wicket for Ferguson in as many over. This time the pacer foxed young Garg with a slower delivery after clocking 150k/h in the previous one as he castled the stumps. Two quick wickets put Kolkata back in the game.
8 overs:: SRH 68/1
8 runs off Varun Chakravarthy’s over as Jonny Bairstow (35*) hit a four in it.
7 overs: SRH 60/1, need 104 off 78 balls
What a start to the season for Lockie Ferguson – a wicket first ball and two singles off it.
6.1 overs: OUT! Lockie Ferguson strikes first ball to dismiss Kane Williamson (29). SRH 58/1
Williamson tried to hit it over the third man fielder for a six but it went straight to Nitish Rana there. Good knock from Williamson, scoring 29 off 19 balls with the help of a six and four fours. Bowling change worked immediately for Kolkata.
* Bowling change: Lockie Ferguson comes into the attack
6 overs: SRH 58/0
End of Powerplay. Kane Williamson (29*) started Shivam Mavi over with a six off the second ball and Jonny Bairstow ended it with a four off the last delivery. Hyderabad scored 12 runs from it and they are on course in their run chase.
5.2 overs: SIX! Kane Williamson (28*) brings up 50 for Hyderabad with a cracking six over fine leg off Shivam Mavi. SRH 52/0
5 overs: SRH 46/0
11 runs off Pat Cummins’ over as Kane Williamson (22*) and Jonny Bairstow (24*) hit a four each in it. Back-to-back four big overs for Hyderabad in their run chase in the first five overs. Good start!
4 overs: SRH 35/0
Kane Williamson (15*) welcomed Andre Russell with a sublime four through the covers off the first ball and Jonny Bairstow (20*) ended the over with back-to-back fours off the final two deliveries. The pacer leaked 13 runs in his first over.
* Change at both ends: Andre Russell comes into the attack
3 overs: SRH 22/0
Another 10-run over for Hyderabad as Jonny Bairstow hit two fours in consecutive balls off Varun Chakravarthy in it.
2.3 overs: FOURS! 4, 4 – Jonny Bairstow (7*) also opens his boundary count with back-to-back boundaries off Varun Chakravarthy. SRH 20/0
* Bowling change: Varun Chakravarthy comes into the attack
2 overs: SRH 12/0
Kane Williamson (9*) ended Shivam Mavi’s over with back-to-back fours as Hyderabad scored 10 runs in it.
1.5 overs: FOUR! Kane Williamson (5*) opens his and his team’s boundary count with a four off Shivam Mavi. SRH 8/0
* Shivam Mavi to share the new ball with Pat Cummins for KKR
1 over: SRH 2/0
Pat Cummins started his spell with five straight dot balls, before Jonny Bairstow scored 2 off the final delivery.
Welcome Back! Kane Williamson and Jonny Bairstow to start the SRH run chase. Pat Cummins with the ball for KKR.
Vijay Shankar (4-0-20-1):“I think if we bowl into the wicket, it’s holding a bit, so if we bowl into the pitch, it’ll be difficult to hit (with the ball stopping onto the batsman). I’m happy, this is the first time I have bowled four overs in an IPL match. One side is slightly shorter than the other side, if we bat deep, we will be able to chase the total down.”
That’s it! Dinesh Karthik (29* off 14) and Eoin Morgan (34 off 23) guided KKR to 163/5 against Sunrisers Hyderabad in Abu Dhabi.

19.6 overs: OUT! Basil Thampi dismisses Eoin Morgan (34). KKR 163/5 in 20 overs
Thampi got Morgan off the last ball, but by then the KKR skipper scored 16 runs off the first five balls as he hit a four and a six in it. Morgan hit a six and three fours during his 23-ball knock as he added a valuable 58 runs off just 30 balls with Dinesh Karthik (29* off 14 balls; 2x6s & 2x4s). Thampi’s figures in his first match this season: 4-0-46-1
* 150 comes up for KKR in 19.2 overs — 153/4
19 overs: KKR 147/4
14 runs off T Natarajan’s over as Dinesh Karthik (29* off 14 balls) started it with a four straight down the ground and ended it with a big six over long-on. Karthik and Eoin Morgan (18*) taking their team to a competitive total in Abu Dhabi. Nataraj’s final figures: 4-0-40-2
18 overs: KKR 133/4
Sandeep Sharma completed his spell with a 12-run over as Dinesh Karthik hit a six in it. Sandeep returned figures of 0 for 27 in 4 overs.
17.5 overs: SIX! Dinesh Karthik (17*) smacks Sandeep Sharma over deep square leg for a maximum. KKR 132/4
17 overs: KKR 121/4
Dinesh Karthik (8*) ended Basil Thampi’s over with a cracking four through extra cover as Kolkata scored 10 runs in it.
16 overs: KKR 111/4
Brilliant bowling at this stage from Sandeep Sharma, gave away just six singles in it.
14.6 overs: OUT! T Natarajan gets rid of Andre Russell (9). KKR 105/4
Going for a big one, Russell hit it straight to Vijay Shankar at deep midwicket. Big breakthrough for Hyderabad.
* Eoin Morgan (5*) brings up 100 for Kolkata with a four off T Natarajan’s free-hit delivery. KKR 102/3 in 14.1
14 overs: KKR 96/3
Rashid Khan completed his spell with a tidy over, conceding just three singles in it. Rashid’s figures: 4-0-28-1
13 overs: KKR 93/3
Successful end to a very good spell from Vijay Shankar, a wicket and just 5 runs off it. Shankar’s final figures: 4-0-20-1
12.1 overs: OUT! Vijay Shankar strikes to dismiss Nitish Rana (29*). KKR 88/3
Another good running catch by Priyam Garg, this time at midwicket. Rana departed after scoring 29 off 20 balls with the help of a six and three fours. Two set batsmen departed in quick succession and the result is two new batsmen in the middle for Kolkata. Good breakthroughs for Hyderabad.
12 overs: KKR 88/2
8 runs and a wicket from Rashid Khan’s over. Another timely breakthrough for Hyderabad.

11.4 overs: OUT! Rashid Khan removes Shubman Gill (36). KKR 87/2
Priyam Garg took a good diving catch at long-off to end Gill’s stay in the middle. Rashid, who was hit for a six by Nitish Rana early in the over, redeemed himself with a big wicket. Gill departed after scoring 36 off 37 balls which included 5 fours.
11.2 overs: SIX! Nitish Rana (27*) smacks Rashid Khan over long-on for a big six. KKR 86/1
11 overs: KKR 80/1
Good tidy spell from Vijay Shankar continued, gave away just three singles in it.
10 overs: KKR 77/1
A rare expensive over from Rashid Khan as Nitish Rana (19*) smacked back-to-back fours in it. Kolkata scored 13 runs off the leg-spinner. Good start for Kolkata so far.
9 overs: KKR 64/1
Good recovery from Vijay Shankar as he finished his over with three singles after being hit for a four in it. 7 runs off it.
8.3 overs: FOUR! Nitish Rana (7*) opens his boundary count with a four towards deep extra cover off Vijay Shankar. KKR 61/1
8 overs: KKR 57/1
As expected a tidy start for Rashid Khan, just 4 runs off it.
* Change at both ends: Rashid Khan comes into the attack
7 overs: KKR 53/1
Tidy start for Vijay Shankar too – just 5 runs off it.
* 50 comes up for KKR in 6.5 overs – 52/1
* Bowling change: Vijay Shankar comes into the attack
5.6 overs: OUT! T Natarajan cleans up Rahul Tripathi for 23. KKR 48/1
Tripathi took a long medical break after being hit on the elbow and looked like it had lapsed his concentration. The first ball after the break, Tripathi was clean bowled by T Natarajan. Tripathi scored 23 off 16 balls with the help of a six and two fours. Timely breakthrough for Hyderabad as the opening stand was looking to change gears soon after a relatively slow start in the first three overs.
5 overs: KKR 42/0
Another big over for Kolkata as Basil Thampi conceded 14 runs in it. Shubman Gill (20*) smacked three successive fours in it. Kolkata accumulated 27 runs in the last two overs.
4.3 overs: BOOM! 4, 4, 4 – Shubman Gill (19*) opens his boundary count with three back-to-back fours off Basil Thampi. KKR 40/0
4 overs: KKR 28/0
After hitting a six early in the over, Rahul Tripathi (21*) ended the T Natarajan over with a cracking four. The pacer leaked 13 runs in his first over.
3.2 overs: SIX! Rahul Tripathi (16*) smacks T Natarajan over long-off for first maximum of the contest. KKR 22/0
* Bowling change: T Natarajan comes into the attack
3 overs: KKR 15/0
Another tidy over from Sandeep Sharma as the pacer gave away just three singles in it.
2 overs: KKR 12/0
6 off Basil Thampi’s over too as Shubman Gill (3*) got an early reprieve from Rashid Khan in it.
1.3 overs: DROPPED! Rashid Khan drops an easy chance at deep square leg to give Shubman Gill, on 1, an early life. KKR 8/0
* Basil Thampi to share the new ball with Sandeep Sharma
1 over: KKR 6/0
6 runs off Sandeep Sharma’s first over.
0.3 overs: FOUR! Rahul Tripathi opens his account with a four off Sandeep Sharma. KKR 5/0
Here we go..Rahul Tripathi and Shubman Gill to start the KKR innings. Sandeep Sharma with the ball for SRH.
Kolkata Knight Riders: Rahul Tripathi, Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Eoin Morgan (captain), Andre Russell, Pat Cummins, Shivam Mavi, Kuldeep Yadav, Lockie Ferguson, Varun Chakravarthy
Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner (captain), Jonny Bairstow (wk), Manish Pandey, Kane Williamson, Priyam Garg, Vijay Shankar, Abdul Samad, Rashid Khan, Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan, Basil Thampi
Team Changes:
KKR: Kuldeep and Lockie Ferguson replace Prasidh Krishna and Chris Green.
SRH: Basil Thampi and Abdul Samad replace Shahbaz Nadeem and Khaleel Ahmed.
Eoin Morgan (KKR):
We will have to improve our basics better, we didn’t do that against MI in our last match. Two changes for us – Kuldeep and Lockie in, for Green and Prasidh. We don’t want to rush Sunil back, we’ll give them some time.
David Warner (SRH):
We’ll have a bowl. The wickets have been challenging in Dubai compared to this one. Two changes for us – Thampi replaces Khaleel, we have left out a spinner.
TOSS: Sunrisers Hyderabad captain David Warner wins toss, opts to field against Kolkata Knight Riders.

It’s TOSS time, folks.
The sun is out and it’s around 35 degrees at the moment in Abu Dhabi, so it should be comfortable for the players. We are playing on pitch number four today and that means it’s pretty much even boundaries on both sides of the ground. The surface looks green, so it should offer something for the faster men. It’s a pitch where you’ll need to hit the deck hard – bowl short and reap rewards” – Ian Bishop and Danny Morrison.
The IPL on Sunday said West Indies spinner Sunil Narine can continue to bowl after it found nothing illegal in his deliveries during an assessment that was prompted by an on-field caution earlier this month. Narine’s team, the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), asked for the assessment after umpires suspected an illegal elbow bend in an Oct. 10 tie against Kings XI Punjab and issued a warning. The clearance means the 32-year-old can continue bowling in this year’s tournament, which is being held in the United Arab Emirates due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic in India.
Hello and welcome to the Live coverage of Match 35 of the IPL 2020 between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders.

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