Tata’s medical arm wants to bat for IPL in UAE

MUMBAI: The Tata Group‘s medical arm, working on Covid safety services in the middle of an unrelenting pandemic, has offered its expertise and assistance to the BCCI as the latter gets ready to conduct its biggest annual event – the Indian Premier League (IPL) – in UAE from September 19.
Recognising the 13th edition of the IPL as an “inflection point for global sport in the post-Covid world”, Tata Medical and Diagnostics has said that it is ready to partner with the league and offer “a holistic, state-of-the-art integrated Bridgital technology based, end-to-end, Covid safety services solution and enable the league to set the gold standard”.
In doing so, the Tata Group shared a detailed presentation on how an integrated, end-to-end bio-secure bubble can / should be created for the IPL to happen in the UAE and for the league to conclude smoothly. TOI has accessed the details.

Majority of the IPL franchises and some of the league’s other key stakeholders say “it’ll be very good if this happens because a reputed Indian company will bring a lot of credibility to the league. It is a great option and since they’re based out of India and UAE, coordination in the run-up to the event will be greater”.
BCCI is expected to take an official call on it this week.
The group has recommended a holistic program with a combination of testing, technology, and expert insights, to create an integrated safety solution that covers the entire event and all the participants.

Here are the key elements of the proposal:
o The Medical and Diagnostics team in UAE and India will partner with and work alongside BCCI, franchises, the IPL event management team and Emirates Cricket Board, for end-to-end COVID safety management.
o Bio-Security Approach based on an understanding of the inherent criticality and risk levels of the stakeholders, and the usage of various zones in the venues.
o Testing strategy suitable to IPL requirements, innovations in test execution, interpretation and intelligence generated through results.
o Technology solutions to track the movement of participants, enabled for AI-driven insights, and live-dashboards.
o All interventions including testing will be customized for IPL at the stadium and hotel venues with experts, 24×7 clinical support, and risk profiling.
Tatas say the solution levers and their intensity will be based on an understanding of the inherent criticality and risk levels and the usage of various zones at the venues that can be categorized into various criticality groups:
i) Platinum: E.g., Players and coaches; ii) Gold: E.g., TV broadcast crew; iii) Silver: E.g., Match day entertainers.
Further, stakeholder groups can also be categorized based on the risk of:
i) Catching COVID (exposure risk): High for TV crews, where social distancing is not easy; ii) Transmitting COVID (spreading risk): High for support staff interacting with multiple players; coaches.
Areas marked into Access Zones at the stadium can be categorized for access control as follows: i) Sanctum: E.g., playing field and dressing room; ii) Exclusive: E.g., media and TV broadcast areas; iii) Controlled: E.g., stadium concourse.
“On the advice of the top scientists working with the Government of India, we have designed a special and simple testing protocol, specifically for IPL 2020. This protocol can be executed on a regular basis, in the stadium as well as the hotels, without disruption to the schedules of the players and key stakeholders. We propose to use multiple state-of-the-art technology solutions to track the movement of participants in various venues using non-intrusive devices and solutions. We will also evaluate and integrate various technologies and regulatory requirements in UAE as needed,” the Tata Group has told the BCCI.

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