Wish there were microphones: Kiran More on sledging in India-Pak matches

Kiran More (TOI Photo)

NEW DELHI: India-Pakistan matches are considered one of the biggest spectacles in world cricket. The rivalry between the two countries leads to packed stands and it often spills over onto the field. Former India wicket-keeper Kiran More revealed that sledging was rife in matches between the two sides and recounted some of the incidents he was involved in.
“Whenever an India-Pakistan series takes place, sledging happens,” he said on The Greatest Rivalry podcast. “In Pakistan when we went in 1989, I sledged Salim Malik in the Karachi Test and he came to hit me with the bat. I said to him a very nasty word in Punjabi because we speak the common language.
“Actually, it’s so much fun and I wish that there were microphones all around the ground because it will be hilarious for everyone.”
He then recounted when Pakistan batting great Javed Miandad was playing his 100th Test.
“Javed was playing his 100th Test match at Lahore. He came out to bat and Maninder Singh was bowling. Third or fourth over he was plumb leg before. It was a beautiful arm ball from Maninder and the ball rapped him below the knee roll. He said to me ‘why are you appealing. This is my 100th Test match, I am going to score a century and go home’,” he recounted.

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