Women’s ‘Rate’ Determined Using Shape of Body, Naked Videos Filmed; Hyderabad Police Busts Prostitution Racket

The Hyderabad Police was successful in busting a prostitution racket with the help of a woman social activist. According to police, women were filmed naked and the shape of their body was used used ascertain their “rates”. 35-year-old Syed Hussein and one Gulam were behind the racket, and they laid a trap for women in need of financial help.

Hussien was a lorry driver in the Rajeswar village in Basavakalyan district, while Gulam organised prostitute houses in Kalaburgi area. When Gulam asked him to, Hussein approached his sister-in-law who has been staying at Salal area in Barkas. He rented a room there saying he is on the lookout for a job. He made her believe that he has been in search of a job by roaming in the old city.

He came close in contact with a woman who belonged to Vattepally in Falaknuma. Along with her, he started the search for women who are “suitable for prostitution.” “He laid a trap for women who were in financial trouble by telling them he will bail them out”, police said.

With a false assurance, he brought them to his room and shot their naked videos without faces and feet with his mobile phone. He sent the videos to his boss Gulam through WhatsApp, who later decided the rate of the woman after seeing the video. Details of as many as 10 women were sent to Gulam within a week, where two women belonged to the old city.

Upon knowing about the atrocities committed by Hussein, a woman social activist along with another woman went to his room. He rejected the social activist by saying that she is looking very short and asked the other women to come with good makeup the next day so he can decide their rates too.

After receiving information from the woman social activist, Chandrayangutta inspector Prasad Varma along with his team reached Barkas and took the accused in custody. The police found photographs and videos of naked women in his mobile phone. A case was registered against him and further probe is on.

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