‘He has neither read law nor …’: Dhankar slams Gehlot for questioning VP’s Rajasthan visits

NEW DELHI: Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Friday took strong exception to Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot‘s remarks on his visits to the poll-bound state and said people sitting in constitutional positions should not be dragged into politics.
“I do not expect people in authority to make light of constitutional positions. This is not good for democracy. There must be respect for constitutional positions. And all of us in togetherness, hand in hand, in collaboration, in coordination and with consensus have to serve the people at large,” the Vice-President said.
“Some people are saying why are you coming here again and again. I am a little surprised. The person who made the remark has neither read the law nor the Constitution. He did not even keep the dignity of the position he holds. He should know that any tour of India’s Vice-President is not sudden or unplanned – it is well thought out and very minutely planned,” Dhankar added.
Ashok Gehlot had questioned the frequent visits of Vice-President Dhankar to Rajasthan and had said “It is election season in Rajasthan. If you keep visiting repeatedly what would people think of you? What do you want?”
“He (Dhankar)must have visited Rajasthan 5-7 times this month. Public understands these things and will give a befitting reply to such things happening in the state,” Gehlot had said.
The Vice-President questioned if he had done anything wrong by visiting his home state.
“I was sad over being dragged into this. My actions and visits were as per the Constitution and it was for the welfare of people,” Dhankar said.
“I appeal to everyone it is our country and we all are servants of this country. Whatever be our positions right from the President down to the line up to the chief minister, we must be very sensitive and should avoid creating a negative perception among people about people sitting in constitutional positions,” the Vice-President said.
Earlier, the BJP had also attacked Ashok Gehlot for questioning the frequent trips of the Vice-President to Rajasthan.
Union minister for law and justice Arjun Ram Meghwal attacked Gehlot and wondered if the Vice-President needs to take the chief minister’s permission for coming to his state.
“For the Vice-President (Jagdeep Dhankhar), the CM (Ashok Gehlot) said, why is he coming now? So the Vice-President will come after getting permission from him?” Meghwal had said
Union minister of state for external affairs V Muraleedharan had said that chief minister Ashok Gehlot’s objection to Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar’s “frequent” visits to Rajasthan reflects he is not interested in the state’s development.
“I am surprised why the chief minister here is objecting to such issue. It reflects that the chief minister is not interested in development and progress of the state,” Muraleedharan had said.
Clearly, we haven’t heard the last word on this controversy. With the state staring at a tough electoral contest between the ruling Congress and the BJP, there will be a lot more of allegations and counter-allegations between the political rivals.
(With inputs from agencies)Watch ‘People in authority shouldn’t make light of constitutional positions, not good for democracy’: VP Dhankhar

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