In separate missions, Indian Navy rescues two hijacked vessels

NEW DELHI: The Indian Navy, in collaboration with Seychelles Defence Forces and Sri Lanka Navy, successfully intercepted and rescued a hijacked vessel. The multilateral response was coordinated to address the hijacking of a Sri Lankan fishing vessel on January 27.
“In a coordinated multilateral response to the hijacking of a Sri Lankan fishing vessel, the Indian Navy, Seychelles Defence Forces and Sri Lanka Navy, successfully intercepted and rescued the vessel which was hijacked on January 27,” the statement read.
The Indian Navy deployed INS Sharada ex Kochi PM and utilized the HALE Sea Guardian drone to locate and intercept the hijacked vessel. All three pirates surrendered to the Seychelles Coast Guard, and the six crew members are safe. The vessel is being escorted to Mahe, Seychelles. In another operation, the Indian Navy rescued two hijacked fishing vessels and their crew members, including 17 Iranians and 19 Pakistanis, within 36 hours.
INS Sumitra thwarted a piracy attempt on an Iranian-flagged fishing vessel, Al Naeemi, off the East Coast of Somalia and successfully rescued 19 Pakistani nationals. Additionally, INS Sumitra saved the Iranian-flagged fishing vessel, FV Iman, from Somali pirates with 17 crew members onboard.
“INS Sumitra, over the course of less than 36 hours, through swift, persistent and relentless efforts has rescued two hijacked Fishing Vessels along with 36 Crew (17 Iranian and 19 Pakistani) in the Southern Arabian Sea approximately 850 nm West of Kochi, and prevented misuse of these Fishing Vessels as Mother Ships for further acts of Piracy on Merchant Vessels,” the Indian Navy said in a statement.
The Indian Navy’s efforts have prevented the misuse of these fishing vessels as mother ships for further acts of piracy on merchant vessels. Earlier, INS Visakhapatnam responded rapidly to a distress call from MV Genco Picardy, which had been targeted in a drone attack. The Indian Navy continues to demonstrate its commitment to maritime security and rescue operations.

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