IPL is not being shifted out of India, says league chairman

NEW DELHI: IPL chairman Arun Dhumal categorically denied rumors suggesting a possible shift of the league to the UAE amidst the upcoming general elections in India, scheduled between April 19 and June 1.
Speculation had been rife regarding the IPL potentially relocating to the Emirates due to the coinciding election period, prompting widespread discussions on social media platforms. Also Read:
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However, Dhumal clarified that such rumors were unfounded, reaffirming the league’s commitment to hosting matches in India as scheduled. This statement from the IPL chairman aimed to dispel any uncertainty surrounding the tournament’s venue and reassure stakeholders of its continuity within the country.
“The IPL is not being shifted anywhere. We will soon announce the remaining fixture,” Dhumal told PTI.
The schedule for the first two weeks of the IPL has already been unveiled, with the defending champions Chennai Super Kings set to kick off the tournament against Royal Challengers Bangalore in their home ground on March 22.
In earlier conversations with PTI, BCCI secretary Jay Shah had emphatically asserted that the entire IPL tournament would be conducted in India, drawing parallels to the 2019 edition, which took place in the country despite the concurrent Lok Sabha elections. The BCCI was awaiting the official announcement of the poll dates from the Election Commission.
Shah’s remarks underscored the board’s commitment to hosting the IPL within India’s borders, akin to the approach taken during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
However, it’s worth noting that the league had been relocated outside of India during the general elections in 2014, under the governance of the UPA government. During that season, the initial phase of the IPL was held in the UAE before returning to India for the subsequent phase, reflecting the flexibility and adaptability of the tournament’s organisers in navigating logistical challenges.
(With PTI inputs)

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