Office revenge: ‘Humiliated’ employees honeytrap boss, circulate his nude photos

VADODARA: A ‘torturous’ boss endured three months of nasty revenge by two employees who honeytrapped him on social media, enticed him into sending his nude photos, and circulated these to his known people, including his wife.
One of the two tormentors of the victim, the promoter of a software firm, is a woman who had quit the job, ostensibly as she couldn’t take his alleged pillorying anymore.
Three months ago, the duo, Preeti and Anish (both names changed), joined hands and decided to avenge the alleged humiliation heaped on them by honey-trapping and blackmailing him.

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After three months of sleepless nights, the victim, Samir Gupta (name changed), approached the Cyber Crime police and lodged a complaint 10 days ago. Police tracked down the duo who alleged that Gupta had a penchant for reprimanding and ridiculing them for professional reasons.
“Preeti came up with the idea of teaching him a lesson and making his life miserable. She and Anish then made a fake Instagram account of a woman and started chatting with Gupta four months ago,” the police said.
Duo stalked their boss to torment him
The duo began sending sexually explicit messages from the account and Samir Gupta, who is in his late thirties, thought a woman was chatting with him. They also sent some nude photos downloaded from a website. Gupta fell into their trap and sent his naked pictures to the account run by the duo. Thereafter, he did not get any messages from this account.
After a few days, they sent Gupta his nude photos and screenshots of their sexual chats in his email. Gupta panicked as he didn’t know who had honey-trapped him. In September, a similar email was sent by the duo to the HR department of the firm, and the same was sent to him on his official email ID.

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But the duo did not stop at this. They mailed the photos and chats to his wife and sent a printout of the pictures through Speedpost to the office where she works.
Gupta was at his wit’s end when he was mailed photos of his visit to a shopping mall in November. “The duo was also stalking him and ensuring that he spent sleepless nights,” the police said.
When there was no let up in the abusive and threatening emails till late November, Gupta decided to approach the cybercrime who tracked down the two through the IP address. “It was a case of corporate enmity. We have taken necessary legal steps,” said Hardik Makadia, ACP (cybercrime), Vadodara. The duo was issued notices under CrPC 41 (A) for recording their statements but the complainant is not keen to pursue the case further.
According to this section, the police must serve a person notice before arresting him/her for offences punishable with imprisonment for less than seven years.

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