On Ashada Navratri At Thanjavur Temple, Percussionist Sivamani Steals The Show With Brilliant Performance

He mentioned that it is very special for him to perform.

He mentioned that it is very special for him to perform.

Sivamani has worked alongside prominent music composers like Ilaiyaraaja and A.R Rahman.

The Ashada Navratri festival, dedicated to the goddess Varahi, is celebrated in Brihadeeswara Temple, Thanjavur, every year with great joy and pomp. The temple is locally known by the name of Thanjai Periya Kovil. This year, the celebration started on July 5. During this 11-day festival, the goddess is adorned with different decorations daily. Special Aradhana is also performed regularly to please the goddess. Adding to it, cultural events are held daily to commemorate the auspicious occasion. On the fourth day of the festival, the goddess Varahi is worshipped with special rituals and pujas. On this auspicious festival, popular percussionist Sivamani and his team performed making the celebration more special.

Sivamani has worked alongside many prominent music composers like Ilaiyaraaja and A.R Rahman. He has a huge fan base for his unique style of playing drums. The famous musician performed in front of a huge crowd who were thrilled to witness the percussionist perform. Following the event, he also offered his prayers to the goddess.

Sivamani expressed his happiness for getting the opportunity to perform in Brihadeeswara Temple. He mentioned that he wants to perform at the same venue next year as well. In an exclusive interview with Local 18, he said, “On this auspicious occasion, I feel lucky to get the chance to perform with my fellow artists Rajesh and Praveen. It was a blessing for all of us to perform in front of the goddess at the Brihadeeswara Temple. I also offered my prayers in front of goddess Varahi.”

He mentioned that it is very special for him to perform as the crowd in the area is very supportive and appreciative. He said, “We have earlier performed at the Periya Kovil or Brihadeeswara Temple. The people of Thanjavur have a deep love for music and they are very much appreciative. I have seen the crown enjoying our performance with great enthusiasm which gives me an urge to perform better. I will wish to come back next year to perform again.”

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