PM Modi addresses world leaders at G7: Key quotes

NEW DELHI: Addressing an outreach session of G7 Summit in Italy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that we need to strive towards a time of ‘green era‘ by making joint efforts.
PM Modi was speaking at the summit on the invitation of Italian counterpart Georgia Meloni. He addressed a session on Artificial Intelligence, energy, Africa, and the Mediterranean.Leaders from other invited countries and Pope Francis also participated in the session.
Here are his key quotes:

  • Last week, many of you were busy with the European Parliament elections. Some friends will go through the excitement of elections in the coming time. In India too, there was election time a few months back. The entire electoral process has been made fair and transparent by the ubiquitous use of technology. It is my good fortune that the people of India have given me the opportunity to serve them for the third consecutive time. The blessings that the people of India have given in the form of this historic victory is the victory of democracy. It is the victory of the entire democratic world: PM Modi
  • We must make technology creative, not destructive. Only then will we be able to lay foundation of inclusive society. India is striving for a better future through this human-centric approach: PM Modi
  • India is among first few countries to formulate a national strategy in Artificial Intelligence. During G-20 Summit hosted by India last year, we stressed on importance of international governance in field of AI: PM Modi
  • India’s approach in field of energy is based on four principles – availability, accessibility, affordability and acceptability. We are making every possible effort to fulfill our commitment to achieve target of Net Zero by 2070:PM Modi
  • Together we should make efforts to make coming time a ‘green era’: PM Modi
  • It is our resolve to build a developed India by 2047; our commitment is that no section of society should be left behind: PM Modi
  • Countries of Global South are bearing brunt of global uncertainties and tensions. India has considered it its responsibility to put priorities and concerns of countries of the Global South on world stage: PM Modi
  • We are proud that G-20, under presidency of India, made the African Union a permanent member of the grouping. India contributing to economic and social development, stability and security of all countries of Africa, and will continue to do so: PM Modi

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