PM Modi invokes ‘Shakti’ as divinity, slams Rahul Gandhi’s remark

HYDERABAD/SHIVAMOGGA: The upcoming elections will be a defining battle between those who worship “Shakti” as a manifestation of the female divine and people seeking to destroy it, Narendra Modi said on Monday, latching on to Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s remark about PM being “just a mask for the shakti (power)” that needs to be defeated.
“Mothers and sisters, I worship you as Shakti.I am Bharat Maa’s pujari (worshipper),” Modi said at a BJP rally in Telangana’s Jagtial. He reprised the theme in Karnataka’s Shivamogga, saying INDIA bloc would pay the price for “insulting mothers, daughters and sisters”.

‘Muqabla 4 June ko ho jaaega’: Modi’s fiery response to Rahul Gandhi’s ‘shakti’ remark sparks political showdown

Just a matter of time before oppn gets a reality check: PM
A day after Rahul Gandhi said in Mumbai that INDIA bloc wasn’t focused so much on PM Modi, whom he described as “a shallow man who doesn’t have a 56-inch chest,” as it was on the ‘shakti’ he represents, Modi said at a rally in Telangana’s Jagtial on Monday, “Can anyone talk about destroying Shakti on Indian soil? I will put my life at stake to protect Shakti.”

PM exhorted the crowd to give opposition alliance a befitting response for talking about destroying “Shiv Shakti” to which the nation had only recently dedicated the success of the Chandrayaan lunar mission. “Should we give such people a chance? Should they be destroyed or not? Should mothers of Shakti be protected or not?” he said.

Modi declared it was just a matter of time before the opposition got a reality check, adding, “The country is saying more than 400 (seats for NDA) on June 4.”
At another rally at Shivamogga in Karnataka, PM said, “Shakti is the destroyer of all that is evil. Congress and INDIA bloc have committed the folly of challenging this power.”
He said Congress’s DKS getting away with demanding a “separate country for south India” was evidence of the party’s attitude. “Instead of throwing him out of the party, Congress is protecting him. Karnataka won’t allow such politics and such conspiracies to succeed.”

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