‘Sapne Nahi, Haqeeqat Bunte Hai’: BJP launches LS campaign

NEW DELHI: The BJP on Thursday formally launched its poll campaign for 2024 Lok Sabha polls in presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with party president JP Nadda releasing the theme song “Sapne Nahi Haqeeqat Bunte Hai, Tabhi Toh Sab Modi Ko Chunte Hai.”
The ‘Tabhi Toh Sab Modi Ko Chunte Hai’ campaign has emerged organically from among the people and the BJP has adopted it in tune with the feedback about mass sentiment it has gathered.
Party said that theme of this new campaign also complements the ongoing national fervour building in consonance with the ‘Modi Ki Guarantee’, mass movement.
During the campaign launch, which was done at the First time Voters Conclave (Nav Matdata Sammelan), a music video was released that showcased how Prime Minister Modi has turned the dreams and aspirations of crores of Indians into reality.
“The BJP firmly believes that this campaign slogan is not just a sentiment experienced by a few, but one that resonates with the masses,” the party said. Nadda urged all party workers to make themselves resonate with the sentiment of the people and to spread the awareness about this crucial campaign to every corner of the country.
“PM Modi turns dreams into reality, guaranteeing delivery on promises and dreams spanning previous generation, present generation or the future generation of Amrit Peedhi. Dreams spanning years, decades or even dreams going back to 500 years have been delivered by PM Modi,” said Nadda while speaking at the launch.
“Modi government’s initiatives have turned crores of dreams into reality. The youth have gained jobs through startups and entrepreneurial loans and have become Aatmnirbhar; farmers can sell their produce internationally and have been assured holistic support from Beez to Bazaar; Women now have increased representation at all levels and financial independence and are equal stakeholders in the progress of the country; the poor have been lifted pout of poverty and now have a life of dignity. There is hope for a prosperous India, with faith in PM Narendra Modi’s ability to not just listen but to instinctively gauze people’s dreams and fulfil them,” he added further.
The campaign will have several components to it. Apart from the main song released today, which captures in a very emotive tone the work of PM Modi, a host of other collaterals are planned.
Using the same campaign theme, a separate, foot tapping massy song is also planned fore release a few days later. Digital hoardings, display banners, and digital films and TVCs will all be released in a phased manner in the coming days.
Party said that each of these will establish the case of what PM Modi has achieved in a particular domain and therefore he has fulfilled the promise and is thus the natural choice of people, over and over again.

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