Some people want to have PM in instalments: PM Modi

NEW DELHI: PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday took a jibe at the opposition INDIA bloc which is yet to announce its prime ministerial face for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
“The people who want to make a Prime Minister in instalments, can they achieve big targets? They have decided to make a different Prime Minister every year”, he said at a rally in Latur, Maharashtra.
“Those who want to see India in parts are trying to distribute the post of Prime Minister also in parts. Their plan of five Prime Ministers in five years means, looting the country turn by turn,” he added.
Questioning the security situation under Congress regime, PM Modi said, “Before 2014 there would be announcements warning of unattended objects… In the whole country, 24 hours a day, such warnings were issued in important places.”
“Where did these unattended objects disappear after Modi became Prime Minister?”, he said rhetorically.
Fake videos being sold in mohabbat ki dukaan
Addressing a rally in Dharashiv district of Maharashtra earlier today, PM Modi slammed Congress for spreading fake videos on social media.
“Now their condition is such that as their lies aren’t working, they are using my face and with the help of artificial intelligence, selling fake videos in their mohabbat ki dukaan“, he said.
“Opponents are using artificial intelligence to distort quotes of leaders like me,” he added.
This came after Amit Shah too slammed Congress leader for forwarding doctored videos of him on social media.

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